​Awards Ceremony 2016

Déaghlan McGovern, Age 7, Co. Louth (3rd Prize, Category E) proudly holds aloft his painting titled ‘Parrot In The Trees’

Lucy Finn, Age 11, Co. Louth (Special Merit Award, Category D) with her painting titled ‘Summer Fields’

Rhianna Hand, Age 8, Co. Monaghan, (Special Merit Award, Category E) presents her painting titled ‘Cats And Cans’

Jack Bolger, Age 6, Dublin 16 (Special Merit Award, Category F) proudly displays his painting titled ‘The Titania’

Isobélla Treacy, Age 8, Co. Galway (Special Merit Award, Category E) with her painting ‘Francisco Madra Rua’

Sisters Eve (Age 5) and Emmy (Age 7) Aherne. (Special Merit Awards, Categories F & E) proudly display their paintings ‘Garden of Flowers’ and ‘It’s Time For Tea For You And Me’