Rules of Entry

​Rules of Entry

  1. To enter, you must be under 19 years of age before Wednesday, 28th February 2024 and you must be resident on the island of Ireland.  Your age for entry to the Competition is as of this closing date.
  2. You must complete a School/Art School Application Form ​or a Home Application Form and attach it securely to each piece of artwork that you submit.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WHERE ARTWORK IS SUBMITTED WITHOUT THE RELEVANT APPLICATION FORM BEING FULLY COMPLETED, IT CANNOT PROGRESS TO THE PRELIMINARY JUDGING STAGE OF THE COMPETITION. 
  3. You may enter up to two pieces of artwork. Only individual entries will be accepted.  A photograph or scanned image of an original artwork will not be considered under any circumstances. 
  4. Your entry should be submitted in flat format and should remain within the specified size guidelines. Framed entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.  
  5. The closing date for entries to the 70th Texaco Children’s Art Competition is Wednesday, 28th February 2024. This date is final. If your entry is received after this date, it will not be submitted to the judges.
  6. Your entry must be certified as being original and unaided work and any source imagery must be indicated at the time of entry. If at any time, there is a challenge either to the originality of your entry or on the basis that you have not properly referenced any source imagery, Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited shall take reasonable steps to investigate the circumstances giving rise to the challenge. Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited will then make a reasonably grounded determination as to whether to uphold the challenge, and Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited’s decision on this matter will be final. You may be required to forfeit your award and repay any prize money you receive if the investigation reveals that your entry is not original or properly referenced. 
  7. If your entry reaches the final judging stage and is being considered for an award, you may be asked to submit your birth certificate and further examples of your work.  
  8. The Judging Panel is responsible for the allocation of awards and the decision of the Chairman of the Judging Panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding that decision.
  9. All entries shall be the property of Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited, who shall also be the owner of the copyright. Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited will not accept liability for loss or damage to any work submitted.  
  10. All entries together with the artists’ details (name, age, school or town) may be used in publicity campaigns (such as calendars, cards, posters and other point of sale materials) after the 70th Texaco Children's Art Competition and in future Competitions. Photographs of the winners together with their names and ages may be used in publicity campaigns where the parents or guardians of the winners have given their consent.   
  11. The rules of the Competition may not be changed or modified and will strictly be applied.  
  12. All personal information supplied will be used by Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited according to the Company's Children's Art Privacy Policy which may be viewed here.



                         WEDNESDAY, 28TH FEBRUARY 2024