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2016 Press Releases

Issued January 2016        Search To Find 2016 Winners Launched, January 2016.docx

Issued February 2016      Tokyo Awaits 2016 Winner, February 2016.docx 

Issued April 2016             62nd Winners Announced, April 2016.docx

Issued May 2016             Renowned Artist And Former Winner Presents 2016 Prizes, May 2016.docx

Issued July 2016              Texaco Art Success Sees Limerick Student Invited To Japan, July 2016.docx

Issued August 2016         Highlanes Gallery Exhibition 2016, August 2016.docx

Issued October 2016        Ulster Museum 2016 Exhibition, November 2016.docx

Issued November 2016    Crookstown Craft Village Exhibition 2016, November 2016.docx